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Screenwriting to Completed Film

Faranabrack produces films from screenplays that we create. Everything is done, from start to finish, using Utah cast and crew on location in Utah, to the fullest extent possible. 

Our films are all family-friendly, of the highest production quality possible.

From time to time we are contacted by someone with a story they think should be made into a feature film. The film "The Force" is an example of this. We are always happy to meet with people with books or just a great story they would like to fund and make into a movie. We are here to help your dream come true.

All our films have a distribution plan in place before we begin production. In other words, our films have a business plan for financial success.


Faranabrack is happy to help other independent filmmakers with various aspects of their projects. Contact us so we can begin the process with a free Zoom or phone consultation.

Workshops for Actors

Faranabrack often offers free workshops for actors. These include table reads over Zoom, with feedback on performances to help actors learn and grow. We want to help you improve your skills to prepare you for possible participation in one of our films. We provide these workshops for actors of all ages and ability levels.


Faranabrack does all the casting for our films using our own casting director. Actors who are selected for a role will be contacted directly. There is no need to contact us to ask the status of casting.


Crew calls will be sent out at the time we are getting ready to film each of our projects. Those who wish to be placed on a list to be notified of crew calls should contact us with your resume or IMDb listing, along with your contact information. Please also indicate if you have your own gear.

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